Image Consult Chantown Creative Marketing

Brand consultation and creative services

Working primarily in Hong Kong Vickie Chan leads Chantown Creative, working with clients and other vendors.

The creative projects she works on often cover multiple disciplines or touchpoints, including developing brand strategies and toolkits and producing video and photo shoots. Vickie’s experience includes creative direction, branding, web and app UI/ UX development, video/ photo shoot production, VM, design, and copywriting. 

We work with trusted and experienced partners when needed, such as software developers, videographers, etc and manage the relationship for the client. In those situations it’s really up to you how involved you and your team are.

The benefits

It’s always good to get the opinion of an outsider. Especially one with experience and who isn’t effected by company culture or what usually pleases the boss. We can see the whole forest. On top of that, working with a consultant is a really convenient ways of adding a skillset to your team, or get that project done, without the longer-term commitment.

Chit chat

While it can be great to offer diverse services, it can also be overwhelming or confusing to get a handle on. So let’s just connect, check in, drop a line, put out a feeler, ask for help, whatever you want to call it – just give us a shout.


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